Suddenly Remote Working from Home? Here’s the WFH Standing Desk That is Both Productive and Healthy!

It is no doubt that many countries have been affected by the COVID-19 virus with travel, hospitality and retail feeling huge losses to date. Other industries have done what they can to minimize commuting activity by asking employees to work from home (WFH).

Remote working (a.k.a. telecommuting, or telework), for those who are just getting familiar with the term, is when I worker performs their job-related tasks from a location that is not at the office location of the business. In short, you are working from pretty much anywhere. This work can be full-time for most of us, at home, or a mix of office and home.

If you are new to remote working or if you’ve been doing it for a while, the most important consideration you will need to give is to your home working space. This will be the one place where you will spend the better part of your day, either in comfort or in a state of discomfort from an ill-equipped setup.

Are there health risks from remote working? – Yes, so let’s talk about them now.

Remote working for any length of time – especially long-term – pose risks that can negatively affect both employees as well as employers. Those risks are primarily related to your health.

According to an international report from Britain, one of the four top causes of preventable death is when a person leads a sedentary lifestyle. Issues with metabolism, or cardiovascular health, as well as mental health, osteoporosis, back and neck pain, and muscle degeneration to name a few, are examples of the many conditions that can be exacerbated or outright caused by time spent sitting down daily for long periods.

This gets even worse for those who work longer hours since they are not governed by traditional starting or stopping office hours. Add to it the fact you normally may walk out for lunch at the office but at home, you may just grab something and eat it at the desk.

Employers will need to consider reducing their employees’ chances of risk of injury by looking at ways to help prevent unhealthy habits. This is where standing desks prove their value.

What exactly are standing desks?

Well, this term covers a wide variety of desks and desk enhancements designed to enable healthy work habits at home or the office:

  • There are fixed-height standing desks
  • There are sit-stand height-adjustable standing desks that perform dual functions
  • There are also sit-stand desktop converters that rest on your existing desk
  • Desktop risers are also available
  • The ultimate in comfort is the sit-stand-recline (also known as) astronaut workstations

There are many variations to help you decide which to choose from and in keeping with your budget. You may look at a new purchase of a standing desk or retrofit your existing desk with a new add-on.

Last thoughts

As you work through your day you have plenty of opportunities to raise or lower the desk whenever you wish. No fidgeting or wasted time. They move efficiently and quietly. One of its best features as a standing desk is in its ergonomic design. Depending on your desk’s design, it can work on two tiers you can have a lower tier to take care of your mouse and keyboard while the upper tier is perfect for your monitor.

Feeling more engaged, no more mid-day slump, and allowing your body to circulate oxygen to all areas provides you with excellent well-being advantages when choosing a standing desk healthy lifestyle.

If you are ready to GET HEALTHY even while working remotely, I encourage you to check out our selection of standing desks at