• Living Your Healthy Work Life: How to Choose the Right Type of Standing Desk

    You’ve probably heard this already but there is a mountain of evidence-based facts on how a sedentary lifestyle at work will negatively impact your health. You may very well be reading now because you know that it’s about time to take a stand and move on over to the standing desk lifestyle. Congratulations, you’ve made the first and most important step to a new healthy you!
  • Suddenly Remote Working from Home? Here’s the WFH Standing Desk That is Both Productive and Healthy!

    If you are new to remote working or if you’ve been doing it for a while, the most important consideration you will need to give is to your home working space. Especially, you should give consideration to the health benefits of a standing desk to work from home.

  • Improving Employee Productivity: Making a Difference with Standing Desks

    What if you were told that making one small change in your work routine could add about 50-percent to your daily productivity? Odds are you’d be slightly unconvinced, if not completely doubtful of the claim.